International Workshop on Machine Learning Hardware (IWMLH)

(in submission to ISC2020)

June 25 - Messe Frankfurt, Germany

Recent years have seen a surge of investment in AI chip companies worldwide. Most companies design accelerators for industrial applications, as opposed to scientific workloads. As the use of machine learning (ML) accelerates in the HPC field itself, there is concern that the scientific community should influence the design of this new specialized hardware. Indeed, scientific computing has an uncommon set of requirements regarding platform usage and administration, and how those chips answer those demands will shape the future of their integration within the global scientific computing infrastructure.

The workshop will feature the participation of select AI accelerator companies, with discussions centered on the following aspects:


Invited speaker

Albert Cohen, Research Scientist, Google Research.

Participating companies

Company Speaker
Adrian Macias, Machine Learning Systems Specialist
To be announced
Matt Fyles, VP of Software
Andy Hock, Product Management Director
Yusuke Doi, VP of Computing Infrastructure


Pete Beckman, Argonne National Laboratory -
Swann Perarnau, Argonne National Laboratory -
Rosa M.Badia, Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Kentaro Sano, RIKEN
Valentin Reis, Argonne National Laboratory -